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Goose Bay Airport Corporation

So that it may maintain the public trust, the Goose Bay Airport Corporation has adopted the following as its operating principles:

Not-For Profit Corporation
The Goose Bay Airport Corporation is incorporated as a "not-for-profit" corporation with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador's Registry of Companies.

Purposes of the Corporation
The Goose Bay Airport Corporation is incorporated for the general benefit of the public of the Upper Lake Melville area, and its purposes shall be to:
  • Manage, operate, and develop the Airport for which it is responsible in a safe, secure, efficient, cost-effective, environmentally sensitive, and financially viable manner with reasonable airport user charges.
  • Undertake and promote the development of the Airport lands for which it is responsible for uses compatible with air transportation activities.
  • Expand transportation facilities and generate economic activity in ways which are compatible with Airport transportation activities.
In the execution of its purposes, the Corporation shall confer regularly with communities on matters affecting the operation and development of the airport and shall engage in only those activities that are consistent with its purposes.

The Corporation shall ensure financial audits are conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing practices.

Public Notice
The Corporation shall give no less than 60 days advance public notice of planned increases in airport user charges (excluding rent).

Annual General Meetings
The Corporation shall hold advertised, public annual general meetings at which financial statements and the annual report are presented.

Community Consultation
The Corporation shall provide for effective dialogue on matters relating to the Airport, including:
  • the dissemination of information on airport matters and plans; and
  • the timely discussion of planning and operational matters, municipal and public concerns.

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